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martedì 17 maggio 2011

Fabriano - Paper and Watermark Museum

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While paper was invented in China in the second century AD and brought to the Middle East in the ninth century by the Arabs, it was in Fabriano that the first paper manufacturing plant in Europe was established in the 12th century. After flourishing in the 15th century, the industry went into decline until the 18th century, when it was resurrected by Pietro Miliani, who introduced efficiency, new techniques, and commercial acumen to once again raise the town to its place as Italy's most important paper-making centre.

The Fabriano craftsmen introduced a revolutionary new coating made from animal by-products to prevent the paper from going moldy; adapted a hydraulic hammer mill to replace the Arab's hand-operated wooden piston and stone mortar; and invented the watermark. Their expertise resulted in Fabriano being selected to make bank notes in 1780, not just in Italy but also beyond its borders, a function it still fulfills today in the printing of euro currency. It was also the first to produce fine quality tissue paper, and today still produces high-quality handmade paper using the same techniques as 700 years ago.

The Paper and Watermark Museum traces the town's fascinating history of this important craft, with centuries-old machinery and well-preserved manuscripts illustrating its prominence over the ages. The museum is housed in the magnificent 14th century Gothic church of San Domenico.

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