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lunedì 30 maggio 2011

Tourist Travel Guide Serra San Quirico

Tourist Travel Guide Serra San Quirico

The most striking feature of Serra San Quirico is the belt of its medieval walls that its early inhabitants built out over the streets, creating picturesque covered roads , the so-called "copertelle". The tourist guide of Serra San Quirico will show you the town's map Museum (Cartoteca Storica Regionale) , holding a collection of regional maps dating back to the 1200s. Worthy visiting is the baroque church of Santa Lucia.
Another good reason to visit Serra San Quirico is to try the town's calcioni, pastries with their curious sweet and sour cheese and lemon filling.
In Spring Serra San Quirico hosts the International Theatre Festival for chidren

For guided tours in Serra San Quirico please contact Tourist Guide Serra San Quirico Andrea Giordani

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