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sabato 11 giugno 2011

Offagna guided tour

Tourist Travel Guide Offagna

Offagna is a typical medieval village, a few miles from Ancona South highway exit.

The  town is dominated by the medieval fortress (1454-56). Built in 1454 on the ruins of an earlier medieval castle, the stronghold of Offagna was a defensive bulwark against the rivals of Osimo. Around the embattled fortress stood  the castle with the walls that protected the surrounding territory. The 15th century “Rocca” embody  medieval canons and elements typical of Renaissance style.

Attractions  to see:

the Church of Sacramento, designed by Vici (1780);
the Museum Paolucci, built with the intention of saving the immense collection of objects of fauna and flora diligently carried out in early 1900 by the scholar and naturalist Luigi Paolucci in the area of Conero.

Offagna is well known for its Medieval Festivals;  in July they  offer the visitor a wide range of shows.

Food specialties
are the so called “ crescia” ( local kind of bread) and Rosso Conero wine.

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